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Home insurance in Grand Rapids Mi

Home insurance is usually on people’s mind only under a couple of circumstances. People don’t normally sit around thinking about it often and they also take it for granted that they are properly covered without even knowing much about their policy. The two main times people even consider their home insurance policy is when they purchase a new home and if the mortgage payment went up due to a huge home insurance rate increase. Here a some ways to work with both of those situations.

When purchasing your home ask your loan officer if they have any experience with agents that can find you a good bundle rate on your auto and home insurance. If they do, they usually have done the research finding who is the most competitive and also does a good job insuring homes in your area. It’s in their benefit to find the best rate as that helps keep the monthly payment down and allows them to get you approved for the mortgage easier.

Having a huge rate increase is also a big reason to think about changing your insurance plans. People shopping for home insurance Grand Rapids MI are well advised to find a reputable independent agency like Averson Insurance Agency. Choosing to purchase coverage with a captive agency that only represents one carrier will get you higher rates more times than not. If they are competitive now, they more than likely won’t be for long and you will probably lose those savings by not switching carriers in time. It’s never a bad idea to just find an independent agency that you can build a long term relationship with and stick with them.

Some other ways to get lower rates is to combine your auto and home insurance. This can get you up to a 30% discount on both policies and can save you hundreds. Also consider raising your deductible. This will lower the bill and small claims can be fixed by yourself. Remember that home insurance isn’t a maintenance program for small things that go wrong.

Take this advice and you can locate some great rates on home insurance. If your new to home ownership, then find a good independent agency and take the time to ask questions and learn about your policy so that you know your properly covered.